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herberg Moeder de Gans
"Mother Goose Inn"

Teuven-Dorp 60, Teuven, 3793, Belgium.

Ph: ++32 (0)4 381 2285  Fax: ++32 (0)4 381 0572

e-mail: moeder@degans.be

Tuesday until Sunday from 11:00
Monday closed

Kitchen open:

Tue-Wed-Thu & Sun: 12:00 - 20:30
Fri & Sat: 12:00 - 21:30

We speak English!
Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us for further information.
We look forward to welcoming you!


Possibilities for your visit to Mother Goose Inn

Some history of Teuven and the farm of Mother Goose

Photo gallery

Our homemade sloe gin

The Mother Goose kitchen

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How to find us!

Regional tourist information centre


Mother Goose Inn

Offers you many possibilities for healthy,
relaxing and educational arrangements.

Regional products.

A huge selection of beer, with 12 on tap.

Capacity: summer time; seating for 220 & wintertime; seating for 100.

Nature walks, with or without guide.

Antique tractor & wagon tours.

Trappist beer tasting in our inn or a Trappist beer tasting tour in natural surroundings.

Farmers golf with a 30 hectare playing field.

Various arrangements with the possibility of a visit to an old-fashioned apple treacle farm, brewery, winery, trout farm, bee-keeper or ceramic pottery.

Musical arrangements.

Wooden games from around the world.

Mountain bike tour through the landscape of Voeren accompanied
by a local guide.

Gift vouchers available.

Wedding arrangements.


Aside from the above mentioned activities we can
make a program according to your special needs...
so long as we are informed in time.



The small town of Teuven

Teuven rises out of the most north-western part of the old Dutch Limburg. In 1288 this region came into the possession of the dukes of Brabant who later passed it onto the dukes of Burgundy. It then came under the rule of the king of Spain and finally into the hands of the Austrian Habsburgs who gained power of the region during the French Revolution. The present Teuven is formed from three old residential areas: Nurop in the northwest, Teuven in the middle and Sinnich in the southeast. Nurop is an old farmer’s settlement, Teuven a residential area around the church and castle, Sinnich the living quarters around an abbey.

Herberg Moeder de Gans ~ Mother Goose Inn

Herberg Moeder de Gans is positioned at the old village square of Teuven, in view of the neo-gothic Saint Peters church, the old town hall built in the 18th century and the old schoolhouse protected by century old trees. Moeder de Gans has been established in a traditional farm from the 18th century. The living house is the oldest part of this farm complex, dating back to 1740. The old open hearth dates from the beginning of the 18th century. Of the many sheds and stalls, built in a variety of styles, the inn stands out most impressively. This stall was built at the end of the 19th century as a horse stable. In the interior, you’ll find frequent use of bluestone, including the original horses drinking trough carved out of one solid piece of stone, which now stands by the bar. A large open hearth in the inn has been built on an authentic millstone, originating from an old grain mill from the area. A glass conservatory has been built around the original well. We have recently renovated this sunroom in the old style of cobwork.  You can now stand above the well on a thick glass plate, looking down 8 mtrs to the grond water. We have hand built an oak table around the well... accentuating this feature. In the courtyard you’ll find the ‘watchdog’ kennel built into the old cow stable, and the original standing shack and drop toilet. Immediately behind the restaurant is a natural spring flowing year long with fresh drinking water, of course the central spot the town was founded on. We also have our own natural spring in the bottom field of our farmland. Perhaps the biggest attraction is the source flowing through our magnificent copper bar taps, offering 12 Belgium beers from the barrel. Further more, you can choose from more than 100 sorts of bottled beers, each presented with its own glass. The restaurant offers regional specialties and works with many local biological products. Moeder de Gans is both cosy in the winter time and relaxed during the warmer months, on the various sunny and secluded terraces or enjoying a quiet moment on our 3 hectare nature area.

We are proud to welcome you to this special region,
and hope that you enjoy your visit.



A Moeder de Gans speciality:
Sleedoornjenever ~ Sloe gin

Proudly we present to you our "drùpke" ~ sloe gin, which has been ripened in oak barrels. When we purchased the premises in 1993, Mrs. Houben, the previous resident, brought our attention to various bottles of homemade sloe gin that she had laying in the cellar. Local folk used to prepare a batch each year, by topping up a 1/3 drunk bottle of gin with the sloe plum, stopping it with cork and leaving it to age for one year before drinking.

Sloes are the fruit of blackthorn and are actually a type of wild plum. The blackthorn is found in small quantities in this region at the edge of the woods
and amongst the street hedges lining the streets. It blossoms very early in the year with delicate white flowers, which attracts scores of insects to the first spring food. In the autumn, the bush bears round, blue and extremely sour (sleeuwe) plums, the "sjlieëkreek". In the local dialect they also use the expression "sjlieë täng" to describe the fruit: the feeling on the teeth that you get after eating such foods as a sour apple, rhubarb..... or sour plums.
The sloe plum is picked after the first frost has taken place. This mellows the taste of the fresh plum. The sourness is no longer present once the liqueur has been made. Our sloe gin ("sleedoornjenever") is in fact rather sweet, has a delicious dark red colour and an alcohol percentage of around 30%. After following the traditional recipe from the region, and allowing the sloe gin to mature for a period in our own oak barrel, which you will find right of the main entrance in our Inn, the results are extremely soft and full flavoured, suitable as an aperitif or digestive. We are proud to serve you this authentic homemade product following traditional methods.

Our 'sleedoornjenever' is available by the glass.

"To your health!", de Gansjes.



About the kitchen of Moeder de Gans

All of the dishes that we offer are homemade and consist mostly of traditional products from farmers and merchants from the region. During the preparation of our meals, we make use of a special vacuum technique. This technique stabilizes and maximizes the quality of products preserving the special aroma, taste, composition and nutritional value. This means that the natural tastes of the products are not lost and therefore allows us to limit or completely leave out the addition of taste intensifiers (salt included) and unnatural additives. By vacuuming the product to 99% in special packing and creating under pressure, the boil point is dramatically lowered when cooking. The biggest advantage of this is that we may reach the end result of food preparation through lower temperatures than in traditional cooking processes. Everybody is aware that forced temperatures in preparation methods needlessly damage the product, leaving little of the original nutritional value as a consequence. From the moment that our products come in, till the moment of serving, we follow this vacuum technique, eliminating contact with the open air and therefore guaranteeing maximum hygiene. The hygiene standards that we follow conform to the European HACCP system. 

Wishing you an enjoyable meal.




General information and
house rules for Moeder de Gans

~ Details of payment: We only accept cash payment for all of our services. It is not possible to pay with any credit card or EFTPOS.

~ Separate accounts per person are not possible.

~ Since 2007 it is forbidden to smoke inside the restuarant.
You may enjoy your smoke on the terrace or in our special smoking hut.

~ It is not acceptable to consume self brought food or drinks!

~ The extra activities we offer are only available for those who make a reservation, including a meal, at Moeder de Gans. Should you wish      exclusively to organize your own program, we refer you gladly to the       tourist center in ‘s Gravenvoeren Via: www.voerstreek.be

~ For your and our safety, our grounds are monitored by camera’s.

We kindly remind you, as parent or accompanying grown up, that you are responsible for the children’s behavior and any damage they may cause to Moeder de Gans.

Please disconnect the sound signal from your mobile phone ensuring for all guests a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of hectic daily life. Should your phone ring, we ask you kindly to take the call in the hall or outside in the courtyard.

~ Quiet dogs are most welcome, on a lead.

~ Concerning the welfare of our pets, we inform you that it is forbidden to feed any of animals that you find at Moeder de Gans.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Drinks menu


Brouwerij bierbrouwerij ambachtelijke brouwerij abdij van Val-Dieu valdieu bierproeven film rondleiding bierproeverij cistercienzerabdij

Beer on tap

Moeder de Gans pils 5%

Moeder de Gans seasons

Moeder de Gans triple 8%

Liefmans Kriek 6%

Maredsous blond (abbey beer) 6%

Maredsous bruin (abbey beer) 8%

Maredsous tripel (abbey beer) 10%

La Chouffe 8%

Nice Chouffe 10%

Trappist beer

La Trappe Puur Bio 4,7%

La Trappe Witte Trappiste 6,5% 

La Trappe dubbel 6,5%

La Trappe tripel 8%

Chimay rood 7%

Chimay wit 8%

Chimay blauw 9%

Achel blond 8%

Orval 6,2%

Westmalle dubbel 7%

Westmalle tripel 9,5%

Rochefort 6   7,5%

Rochefort 8   9,2%

Rochefort 10   11,3%

Zundert 8%


Trappist beers are brewed by monks, members of the Cistercian order. Trappist beers are widely praised for their non-commercial approach, craftsmanship, boldness and deep flavor. Trappist recipes have remained authentically unaltered for centuries, whereas the more commercial abbey beers evolve with the taste of modern consumers. So, if you would like to enjoy a beer as it would have been served many hundreds of years ago, a Trappist beer is the way to go!

eers to share!

Mc Chouffe 8,5% (750 ml) 
N'ice Chouffe 10% (750 ml) 
Maredsous triple (abbey beer) 10% (750 ml
Val-Dieu Grand Cru (local abbey beer) 10,5% (750 ml
Chimay Cinq Cents (Trappist beer) 8% (750 ml) 
Chimay Grand Réserve (Trappist beer) 9% (750 ml)

Regional beer

Gulpener Bio ur-pilsner 5%

Bio ur-weizen 5,3%

Bio  ur-hop 6%

Chateau Neubourg 5,5%

Rick’s beer 6,5%

Val-Dieu blonde (abbey beer) 6%

Val-Dieu brune (abbey beer) 8%

Val-Dieu tripel (abbey beer) 9%


Abbey beer

Maredsous blond 6%

Maredsous bruin 8%

Maredsous tripel 10%

Corsendonck Pater 7,5%

Corsendonck Agnus 7,5%

Kapittel van Watou Prior 9%

Kapittel van Watou Abt 10%

Special beer

Liefmans aged dark 5%

Vedett extra white 4,7%

Vedett extra blond 5,2%

Vedett extra ordinary IPA 6%

De Koninck 5,2%

De Koninck Winter 6,5%

De Koninck triple d'Anvers 8%

Duvel 8,5%

Duvel triple hop 9,5%

Houblon Chouffe 9%

Warsteiner isotonic alcohol free

Gulpener aged dark 3,5%

Mongozo fairtrade organic glutenfree pilsner 5%

Rodenbach 5%

Hommel 7,5%

Kwak 8%

Moeder Overste 8%

Brigand 9%

Gouden Carolus 7,5%

Barbãr blonde honey-beer 8%

Tripel Karmeliet 8%

Gordon Scotch 8,6%

Gueuze and fruit beer

Liefmans Fruitesse 4,2%

Liefmans Cuvée Brut 6%

Liefmans Goudenband 8%

Belle-Vue gueuze lambic4,5%

Lindemans apple 3,5%

Lindemans artisanal pêche lambic 2,5%

Bosbier 4,5%

Geuze Boon 6,5% (375 ml)

Kriek Boon 6,5% (375 ml)

Dear beer lover,
Such a large selection of beers demands from us a special kind of attention
. Each beer is served in its own particular glass. Just as one glass must be polished dry, the other should be served wet. Our Trappist beers stand in a separate fridge, so as to be served at a particular temperature, whereas other special beers must be collected from the cellar. Please keep in mind that this means it may take us a little longer to serve you your order.


Regional aperitifs

Cidre Cuvée Prestige "Excellence"

Homemade sleedoorn jenever (sloe gin)

Moeder de Gans aperitif

Moeder de Gans cocktail

Peach cidre (750 ml bottle)

Cidre Cuvée Prestige "Excellence" (750 ml bottle)

Pietershof Brut de Crindael (750 ml bottle)



Sherry (dry/medium)

Port (white/red)

Colheita port (aged red port)

Bio Porto Finest Reserve

Martini (white/red)




Pastis Pernod




Jonge jenever

Oude jenever

Coebergh Bessenjenever


Els Kruidenbitter


Bombay Sappire Gin

Smirnoff Vodka (triple distilled)

Bacardi Rum

Fairtrade Cuban Rum (7 yr)

Johnnie Walker red label

Johnnie Walker black label (12 yr)

Johnnie Walker green label (pure malt)

Johnnie Walker gold label (min. 18 yr)

Johnnie Walker blue label (min. 60 yr)

Glenfiddich 12 yr (single malt)

Glenfiddich 15 yr

Glenfiddich 18 yr

Eau de Vie: Poire William

Remy Martin VSOP Cognac




Advocaat (eggnog)


Tia Maria

Amaretto di Saronno

Grand Marnier rouge




Licor 43

House wine

available per glass / per bottle

Rosé wine: Domaine de Bassac (Bio)
Rosé wine from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, from Langue d’Oc, France. Salmon rose in colour with an inviting bouquet of ripe red fruit and a suggestion of herbs. It shows a subtle balance between soft fruity flavours and refreshing crispness.
Especially nice beside: Salads, headcheese, vegetarian dishes, salmon, ham and goulash.

Sweet white wine: Weingut Grossmann (Bio)
A late harvest Kanzlerrebe from Windesheim, the Nahe region in Germany. A lovely bouquet of roses, melon and passion fruit followed by a deep, pure sensation led by pronounced dried apricots in the taste. A beautifully balanced wine... truly everyone’s friend!
Especially nice beside: Apple  pie, Val-Dieu salad, cheese plateau’s and all dishes made with or served with apple syrup such as the beef stew, rabbit quarters, meatballs and black pudding. 

White wine: Tamari * (Fairtrade)
A fresh, fruity 100% Pinot Grigio, from the Mendoza region, Argentina.
A pale, clear, lemon colour with the scent of citrus zest and sun ripened tropical fruit. The flavours are beautifully balanced with characters of citrus fruit and ripe yellow stone fruit.

Especially nice beside: Trout, goats cheese and the full spiced Moeder de Gans salad.

Red wine: Tamari * (Fairtrade)
A full bodied 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Mendoza region, Argentina.
A sensual ruby red wine with a deep purple tinge and inviting aroma’s of juicy black fruit direct from the forest floor. In the flavour delicious accents of ripe forest fruit, blackcurrant and cedar wood supported by beautifully balanced tannins and a fine intensity.

Especially nice beside: Beef stew, rabbit quarters, smoked trout, black pudding and dishes with strong cheeses such as the Moeder de Gans salad and cheese plateau’s.

* Be passionate!
 "Bodega Tamari" means to do everything with Passion in the language of the local ingenious folk. Passion is, indeed, reflected in the science and craftsmanship of the wine making process. Here, sun, soil, and water are combined with love and energy. At 1200 meters, this well respected winery creates with the heart, and still with the hands, outstanding wines with the flavour of the mountains and the sky!

Wine  selection

available per bottle


Domaine aumonnier, Les Chardons ( Bio) : France, Loire, Sauvignon Blanc

Château La Reze Gravade, Moulin des Nonnes ( Bio) : France, Minervois, Rousane, Grenache Blanc and Muscat.


Mas de Janiny Les Soeurs ( Bio) : Rousillon France, Syrah.

Domaine Jean Bousquet ( Bio) : Argentina, Malbec.

La Fortunas Ventura ( Fairtrade) : Chili, carmenere.

Domaine des Allants ( Bio)
: France, Bordeaux, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Local winery:

Pietershof wine Estate:
Pure, mineral wine from the region.

The vineyard from Pietershof wine Estate is situated on a south facing slope in Crindael, between Teuven and Sint Martensvoeren. It has a rocky marlstone rich soil composition; 70 million years ago this land sat under the sea. Many fossils are found here; silent witnesses of the impressive changes in mother nature. The squid was for this reason chosen as the logo on the etiquette. Pietershof is a small artesian family winery, where the grapes are still picked by hand.

You can taste the mineral terrain in the wines...

Brut de Crindael:
A sparkling wine from Riesling en Pinot Gris, with gorgeous fruit expressions, particularly pronounced lychee, and with a touch of fresh almond.
Crowned best sparkling wine from Belgium. 

Pinot Blanc – Auxerrois:
A rounded white wine from 70% Pinot Blanc with a trace of banana and grapefruit in the palette and a soft, fresh acidity in the finish.

The 2010 vintage won last year the title as best white wine from Belgium.

90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Gris: an elegant, soft touch and a smooth flavour makes this an ideal partner to enjoy with several salades.

A dry, light red wine from 50% Pinot Gris and 50% Pinot Noir. It has a fresh character of red forest fruits.

With pride, we offer you these quality wines from the region.


Soft drinks

Kidibul (alcohol-free apple cider)

Spa rood (sparkling water)

Spa blauw (spring water)

Spa rood (1 ltr)

Spa blauw (1 ltr)

Spa citroen (lemon flavoured sparkling water)

Spa orange (orange flavoured sparkling water)

Coca cola

Coca cola light

Ice tea (Nestea)

Pure Green Ice Tea

Cassis (blackcurrant flavoured sparkling water)

Bitter lemon

Ginger ALe


Apple juice

Orange juice

Tomato juice

Rivella light

Chocolate flavoured milk

Fristi (Strawberry flavoured milk)

Apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice)

Appelaere (100% pure apple juice)

Perelaere (100% pure pear juice)

Sinaasappelaere (100% pure orange juice)

Warm drinks


Espresso ~ single

               ~ double espresso


Café late

Supplement whipped cream

Hot chocolate Fairtrade

Hot chocolate with whipped cream Fairtrade

Tea Fairtrade

Tea (div. flavours) Fairtrade

Fresh mint tea

Hasselt coffee with whipped cream
(based on Hasselt gin)

Irish/French/Italian coffee

Glühwein (mulled wine)

21% tax & service included
Keep price changes under consideration







~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:30, Fri & Sat till 21:30 ~

‘Pater’ platter
Bite size blocks of cheese and metwurst.

‘Prior’ platter
Bite size portions of our local cheeses.

‘Abt’ platter
Bite size selection of local cheeses and meat products.

Supplement brood

Apple pie

~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:30, Fri & Sat till 21:30 ~

~ Home-baked apple pie, served cold

~ Home-baked apple pie, served cold with whipped cream

~ Home-baked apple pie, served warm
   with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream



~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 17:00 ~

Voeren platter i
Two kinds of local cheese (Val-Dieu & young matured St. Martin)
with thinly sliced raw farmer's ham.

Voeren lunch i
A lunch selection of products from the region: three local cheeses,
pâté, farmer's cured ham, metwurst, brawn and meatloaf.

Cheese platter i
Four kinds of cheese from the region.

Meat platter
Aged farmer's ham, metwurst, brawn, pâté and meatloaf.

Voeren Pâté plank
Locally made pâté served with onion chutney.

Brawn served with a locally made mustard.

Stinkkies i
For the real cheese lovers!
A whole block of soft, smelly cheese produced in the nearby village.

Black pudding i
Blood worst pan-fried with apple wedges in farmer's butter.

Bacon and eggs
Omelette served with crispy bacon.

These dishes are all served with a fresh salad garnish,
wood-oven bread and
i local apple treacle.




~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:30, Fri & Sat till 21:30 ~

Moeder de Gans salad (vegetarian)
An exotically spiced mix of eggplant, pumkin, zuchini, chickpeas and red onion served warm on a bed of mixed salad with avocado, croutons and matured cheese.
Moeder de Gans salad with bacon.

Crispy bacon salad
Mixed salad with crispy bacon and a raspberry dressing.

Voeren ham with honey melon
Home-cured (½ year old) Voeren ham, thinly sliced, served with melon
and salad.

Val-Dieu salad (vegetarian)
A soft cheese from the neighbouring abbey Val-Dieu (similar to brie), served warm on a bed of mixed salad with a dressing made from walnut oil.

Goats cheese salad (vegetarian)
Fresh young goats cheese from a local farm, served on a bed of mixed salad with a raspberry dressing.

Chicken ragout
Creamy chicken ragout prepared with biological chicken,
served with fresh salad.

Fillet of smoked trout
Limburg trout fillet on a bed of mixed salad, served with a dill dressing.

Smoked salmon salad
Lightly smoked salmon, thinly sliced, served on a bed of mixed salad with a dill dressing.


The above dishes are all served with wood-oven bread and butter.



Wood-oven sourdough bread

The bread that we serve you comes from a traditional baker. The flour, consisting of ecological bread grain types, has been ground by a water powered grain mill. The wood oven bread dough rises with only natural additives, as the baker uses exclusively sourdough in his process. As the dough is left to rise for a few hours, the baker preheats the completely conventional oven with beech branches. Previously the dough was kneaded with the feet (!!!), these days the baker does this with a dough machine, being the only mechanical process he now applies to the production of the wood oven bread. Considering this authentic manner of bread preparation, we are proud to serve you this unique product.




~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:15, Fri & Sat till 21:15 ~

Homemade onion soup (vegetarian)

Homemade soup of the day (vegetarian)


~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:15, Fri & Sat till 21:15 ~

Entrees may only be ordered in
combination with main courses.

Pâté made according to the old-fashioned craft, served with Monegaskische sauce, a chutney made from onions.

Crispy bacon salad
Mixed salad with a crispy bacon and a raspberry dressing.

Voeren ham with honey melon
Home-cured (½ year old) Voeren ham, thinly sliced, served with honey melon.

Val-Dieu salad (vegetarian)
A soft cheese from the neighbouring abbey Val-Dieu (similar to brie), served warm on a bed of mixed salad with a dressing made from walnut oil.

Goats cheese salad (vegetarian)
Fresh young goat's cheese from a local farm, served on a bed of mixed salad with a raspberry dressing.

Smoked trout with a dill dressing
Limburg trout fillet on a bed of mixed salad, served with a dill dressing.

Smoked salmon salad
Lightly smoked salmon, thinly sliced, served on a bed of mixed salad with a dill dressing.


All these dishes are all served with wood oven bread and butter.




Main courses

~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:30, Fri & Sat till 21:30 ~

~ Trout in farmer's butter.
~ Trout in farmer's butter with slivered almonds.
~ Smoked trout with a horseradish sauce.

Our trout are served whole and are prepared in the oven.

Salmon fillet
Salmon fillet served with a fine river crayfish sauce and fresh herbs.

Rabbit quarter
Leg of rabbit slow-cooked with prunes and apple treacle.

Teuven meatballs
Homemade meatballs following an old Teuven recipe with a sauce made from chicory, onion, beer and apple treacle.

Limburg beef stew
Beef stew prepared with onion, fresh champignons, apple treacle and a dark beer.

Grandma’s Goulash
Goulash prepared with beef, tomatoes, capsicum, onion and fresh champignons.

Ham on the bone
Ham served with a mild mustard sauce.

Chicken ragout
Creamy chicken ragout prepared with biological chicken,
served over a pastry shell.

All main courses are served with a potato gratin, warm vegetables, a fresh salad and Belgium chips
or wood-oven bread.

Belgium chips
~ Wood-oven bread
~ Mayonnaise
~ Ketchup/Curry
~ Applesauce                                                                                                                      


Special from the chef -  Vegetarian special
Our chef regularly prepares two special offers allowing some variation from the set menu card. This includes a special vegetarian meal. Ask your waiter/waitress for a translation.


Menu suggestions

~ Tue-Sun: 12:00 till 20:15, Fri & Sat till 21:15 ~

Menu de Gans



Choice from

Beef stew / Goulash / Ham / Meatballs / Chicken stew
Trout / Salmon / Rabbit


Coffee, tea or ice coupe

Limburg menu





Choice from

Beef stew / Goulash / Ham / Meatballs / Chicken stew
Trout / Salmon / Rabbit


Cheese platter


Coffee, tea or ice coupe


Kids meal
(under 12 years)

Cheese soufflé / Meat croquet / Frankfurter or Frikadel
served with chips, fruit, applesauce and mayonnaise


Kids meal
(under 14 years)

Chicken fillet
or Meatballs
served with warm vegetables, chips, applesauce and mayonnaise

Kids meal
(under 14 years)

Homemade lasagna Bolognese served with
 fresh salad and French bread




Apple pie
Home-baked apple pie, served warm with vanilla ice-cream
and whipped cream.

Warm cherries
Home-made warm cherries served with vanilla ice-cream
and whipped cream.

Intense Chocolate
Warme chocolate tart with a melted center served with Stracciatella ice-cream and whipped cream.

Coupe Strawberry
Fresh strawberries served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Coupe Sloe ice-cream
Artisanal sloe ice-cream with homemade sloe jelly and whipped cream.

Cheese platter
A selection of cheeses from the region, served with apple treacle and wood-oven bread.


Our ice is distinguished by 100% natural products. The typical full taste of the ice is guaranteed by the use of 40% fresh cream, full milk and eggs, direct from the farmer. Only the best ingredients are used to guarantee constant quality: Bourbon vanilla from Madagaskar, Belgian Callebaut chocolate, real speculaas cookies... There are no artificial flavours or additives.

Mother Goose ice-cream coupe

Create your own coupe from your choice of three balls of ice-cream and a topping. Served with whipped cream, nuts and a cookie.

Ice-cream flavours:

Vanilla, Pistachio, Strawberry, Stracciatella, Walnut, Sloe, Speculaas, Yoghurt, Mokka, Belgian pure Chocolate, White Chocolade, Rum & Raisin and Tirimasu.

Topping flavours:

Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel, Raspberry, Passion fruit and Egg nog.

Supplement ball of ice

Supplement fresh fruit

Children’s ice coupe
Vanilla and strawberry ice-cream topped with strawberry sauce and whipped cream.


12% tax & service included
Keep price changes under consideration



Group arrangements

Available for 15 or more people.

Voeren buffet
A buffet consisting of regional products selected from local farms. Smoked trout fillet with a dill sauce, half a dozen local cheeses, an assortment of cold meats including slices of cold grilled ham, pâté, meatloaf, metwurst and our famous dried ham. This is accompanied by various sorts of wood-oven bread, sauces and dips, home-made potato, bean, pasta and fruit salad, as well as other
fresh garden salads.

Buffet supplements:

~ Soup
Blood pudding with pan-fried apple wedges
~ Chicken ragout

Warm slices of grilled ham with a mustard sauce
~ Limburg beef stew
~ Meatballs
~ Goulash
~ Voeren rabbit quarters
~ Salmon fillet with a river crayfish sauce


12% tax & service included
Keep price changes under consideration


Arrangement I
minimum of 15 participants


~ 11.00am:
Arrive at Mother Goose Inn for coffee or tea and homemade applepie.

~ 11.30am:
Introduction to the region followed by a short informative walk through the village and forrest of Teuven led by an expert guide.

~ 13.30pm:
Choice of Mother Goose salad or crispy bacon salad in Mother Goose Inn.

~ 14.30pm:
Nature walk through the Voer region led by an expert guide.
Should you have reservered a bus for your day out it is possible to do a bus tour instead of a walking tour at this point.

Think on the correct walking shoes!

~ 17.30pm:
Aperitief: Peach cider from the region.

~ 18.00pm:
Voerens buffet:
A buffet consisting of regional products selected from local farms.

It is possible to order a warm buffet suppliment.
Refer to the Voerens buffet in our menu.


This arrangement is exclusive transport and
keeping in mind a minimum participation of 15 people.



Arrangement II
minimum of 15 participants


~ 13.00pm:
Enjoy lunch at Mother Goose Inn with a Moeder de Gans salad or crispy bacon salad.

~ 14.00pm:
Choose from the following walking routes:

(1) 7 km: An easy walk through the nature along dirt tracks and some sealed roads. Suitable for young and old, pushers and carts. Available in Dutch and English.

(2) walking game: (Not available in English!)
Educative walk based on a goose board game, aimed at informing you about the nature you pass through on your walk. On return to Moeder de Gans, around 16:00 you have the opportunity to play the board game utilizing the information you gained.

(3) 14 km: An extensive walk through the neighbouring nature fit for the more advanced hiker! Available in Dutch and English.

Think on the correct shoes for all our walking routes!

~(1) 16.00pm, (2) 17.00pm, (3) 17:30pm:
Trappist beer tasting at Mother Goose Inn.

~(1) 17.30pm, (2) 18:30pm, (3) 19:00pm:
Voerens buffet:
A buffet consisting of regional products selected from local farms. Smoked trout fillet with a dill sauce, half a dozen local cheeses, an assortment of cold meats including slices of cold grilled ham, pâté, meatloaf, metwurst and our famous dried ham. This is accompanied by various sorts of wood-oven bread, sauces and dips, home-made potato, pasta and fruit salad, as well as other fresh garden salads.

It is possible to order a warm buffet suppliment.
Refer to the Voerens buffet in our menu.


The price of this arrangement is exclusive walking
game and keeping in mind a minimum participation
of 15 people.


Group arrangements

Antique tractor and wagon:
Tour through Teuven and surroundings on an antique tractor pulled  wagon with a fixed price for a maximum of 3 hours.
Average speed 5 km p/h. Wagon for maximum 15 pers. + Wagon for 16 - 25 pers.



Winetasting and tour at the local winery Pietershof in Teuven: (Sunday closed)
Duration: 1½  - 2 hours. No dogs allowed!

Farmers golf:
On walking distance from Moeder de Gans. Duration: 2½ hours. Free poncho in bad weather!
Visit the biological farm. Duration: 1 hour.


Trappist beer tasting tour:
Beer tasting in the nature (+/- 4 km).
After being greeted in the inn by our friendly and expert guide, you begin with an abbey beer, a short explanation over the region and an introduction to the world of beer. You then step out for a short walk along the typically beautiful Voeren landscape, with two pauses in the middle of the nature, where your guide will tempt you with the real beer, two Trappist beers, accompanied by information regarding the natural surroundings, more stories regarding the culture of beer, insider knowledge of the three beers chosen for your tasting, and a little finger food. It’s a relaxed walk back to the inn giving you time to digest the information and enjoy the warm qualities of the beer combined with fresh air. Duration approximately 3 hours.

Trappist beer tasting:
A tasting of Trappist and abbey beer at Mother Goose Inn, lead by our friendly and knowledgeable guide. Duration approximately 1½ hours.

Abbey Val-Dieu brewery: (closed Sunday)
~ Visit the brewery:
A guided tour of a local, traditional brewery together with a beer tasting.
Duration: 1½ hours, last appointment at 19:00.

Visit the abbey:
Enjoy a tour of the abbey with a guide to explain monastery life and the history of the Cistercian Order. Duration: 1 hour, last appointment at 16:00.

~ Combination of abbey and brewery:
Duration: 2½ hours, last appointment at 16:00.

Bee keeping:
Visit a bee keeper to learn the life of a bee. You can enjoy a sandwich with honey plus tea or coffee with your visit. Duration approximately 1½ hours.

~ Ceramic studio:
Enjoy the opportunity to create your own ceramic pot and sculpture.
Duration: 2 hours. Max. 30 pers.

~ Combination bee keeper and ceramic studio:
Duration: 2½ hours.

Snail Nursery: (open from May until mid October)
A guided tour at the snail nursery Sint Heribertus in Remerdaal explains the life of a snail and how to farm them! On site tasting also available. Duration: 1 to 1½ hours.

Adventure Park "Moulin de Madael":
Rope course:
High above the ground, try to keep your balance as you follow an obstacle rope course over rivers and through the forest. Of course you are secured with a harness for your safety!
Flying fox: Feel like Tarzan in the Jungle as you swing through the trees to the ground below!
Climbing wall: The mountain goats amongst you will be happy to find a climbing wall between the trees.
Bow and arrow: Aim sharp and shoot the apple from the head like a real Robin Hood!
Speleobox: Try to find your way out of a maze built into a 20 sq. mtr wooden box.

Book each element per hour or combine programmes. Duration: 2 - 4 hours, depending on arrangement and size of group.

Workshop in baking a wood oven vlaai (tart):
South Limburg and the Voer region are famous for their "vlaai" made with seasonal fruit. During this workshop you will learn how to bake a delicious Limburgs "vlaai" in an authentic wood oven, following a traditional regional recipe. Duration: 2,5 hrs. Price includes taking home your own baked pie.

Apple sirup farm:
The chance to visit an apple syrup farm in Hombourg. With the help of a film (30 mins.) you discover how this regional speciality is produced.
Duration approximately 1½ hours.

Trout farm: (wintertime closed at 17:00)
Established in the commandery of St. Pieters-Voeren. Guided tour, by reservation, from 10:00 o’clock. Within the tour you will be able to visit the fish farm on the mountain, ca. 1 km from the castle.
Duration: 1 hour.

World games:
Wooden games to rent, suitable for young and old. All games available in table model and fit for 4 - 6 players. Table hockey, Turbo, Derby, Rio, Rattefallen and Boomber. The games can be reserved for a maximum of
1 hour.

Mountain bike tour (+/- 20 km):
From Teuven, you make a fantastic mountain bike tour along many characteristic spots of this region. You ride a bicycle through picturesque towns, but also through the untouched nature. Our guide will give instruction on the best way to handle your bike in the mountain. Before setting out you can indicate to your guide which kind of tour your group is geared for, be it sports-loving or a more recreational tour, based mountain bike experience and fitness level. Duration: 2 - 3 hours.


Guided tours through the local district:
Guided walking or bus (should you have a bus arranged for your day out) tours through the Voerstreek designed in collaboration with various officially recognized guides from the VVV tourist bureau. These guides are qualified to inform you of all the attractions to this unique area. Available for 2 hours, 3 hours or a day arrangement.

Map of the district: Detailed map of the Voeren district including a regional map showing Maastricht, Aken and Liege.

21% tax & service included
Keep price changes under consideration


Map of the region


               0. Mother Goose Inn, Teuven.

                            Pietershof winery, Teuven.
                            Farmers golf, Teuven.

               1. Abbey-brewery Val-Dieu.

               2. Trout farm, St. Pieters-Voeren.

               3. Goat cheese farm, Hombourg.
                            Apple syrup farm, Hombourg.

               4. Wood-oven bakery, St. Geertruid.

               5. Potpourri, Schophem between

                            St. Martens-Voeren and ‘s-Gravenvoeren.

               6. Municipal walking routes, Clermont.

               7. Smelly cheese farm, Herve.

               8. Gulpener brewery.

               9. Black pudding butcher, ‘s-Gravenvoeren.

                   Regional tourist center, ‘s-Gravenvoeren.

                    10. Neufchâteau.

   11. Liege.




Souvenirs & Additional products
Provided stocks remain!

~ Surprise someone with a gift voucher from Mother Goose,
      available to the value of any sum you desire.

~ Various postcards from the region.

~ Art cards. (handmade).
     ~ Small card  ~ Large card

~ Moeder de Gans bier (33 cl). i

~ Moeder de Gans pils glass (20cl). i

~ Moeder de Gans glass (25cl). i

~ Pietershof wine. i

~ Pietershof Brut de Crindael. i

"Voerdrupke" sleedoorn jenever (gin) (20 cl). i 

~ Artisanal apple syrup (325 gr).  i 

~ Artisanal honey (500 gr).  i 

~ Medicine bomb: spice up your life! i

~ Wood oven bread.  i 

~ Whole homemade apple pie.  i  

~ Half homemade apple pie. i 

i  Take away only.






Please send us an email or give us a call... We would love to suggest the possibilities there are for you to stay in the area. From camping situations to high class romantic get-aways... Voeren is a wonderful place to visit. Open fires welcome you in the winter, butterflies and bumble bees in the plenty during summer and the birds cheerfully singing all year round.

Ph: ++32 (0)4 381 2285 or email: info@moederdegans.be



Gift voucher


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Mother Goose Inn


date: ...........................

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Pittoresk, rustiek en landelijk kleinschalig.                                                                                                                                Gezellig uit in een nostalgische sfeer en een omgeving waar folklore en traditie bij het dagelijks leven horen.                                                                                                                      Waar de kwaliteit van eenvoud heel gewoon is.                                                                                                                   Waar je leeft temidden van de seizoenen en het leven zijn puurheid heeft bewaard.                                                                                                                                                         Waar beide Limburgen elkaar ontmoeten en waar grenzen slechts afspraken zijn, die de natuur negeert.


We highly reccomend you make a reservation ensuring an enjoyable stay at Mother Goose, especially during the weekend and public holidays. Naturally we only make reservations for parties interested in a meal, and are unable to reserve a table on the terrace!

e-mail: reserveren@moederdegans.be

Mother Goose Inn

Teuven-Dorp 60, Teuven, 3793, Belgium.
GPS: N 50° 45.091, E 005° 52.582

Ph: ++32 (0)4 381 2285 

Fax: ++32 (0)4 381 0572 i

Tuesday until Sunday from 11:00
Monday closed

Kitchen open:

Tue-Wed-Thu & Sun: 12:00 - 20:30
Fri & Sat: 12:00 - 21:30
dern times the cafe got a


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