The Dawn of Winanga-li



The fourth and final movement, although only three minutes in duration, beautifully embodies the topic of God and mythology.

In most cultures, people have asked the eternal questions about who they are, why we are alive today, and what is our purpose on this Earth. It is these questions, and the answer that arise in response to them, that give our lives meaning. Traditional Aboriginal people seem to have no need of these questions in a philosophical sense; they know who they are and where they came from because they accept as absolute truth the events of the Dreamtime and stories of their Spirit Ancestors.
In modern western cultures, the concepts of an innate spirituality, holistic values and mythic reality as integral dimensions of human life have been replaced by secular life founded on materialism.

At this time of global ecological crisis, and a loss of and conflict with, spiritual beliefs, there is much that indigenous peoples the World over can teach us, for their spiritual traditions invariably reflect a deep and profound bond with the Earth. These traditions also embody an intimate knowledge, accumulated over millennia, of the workings of the natural world. They recognise that the World was shaped by forces far greater than humankind, and will continue long after we have each departed this planet. 

In the Australian Aboriginal cosmology, everything and everybody,
all space and all time, is intertwined and interdependent, and all are kin. Aboriginal peoples recognise that they have a spark of their Spirit
Ancestors within them, which can be activated in ceremony and ritual.
Thus they have an unbroken link to the Creation Epoch, known in English
as the eternal ‘Dreamtime’ or the ‘Dreaming’. This essence of the Spirit Ancestors – held as a life force within them, as well as in all features and creatures of the sacred Earth and Cosmos – gives Aboriginal peoples the primal awareness that they are an integral aspect of primordial Creation.
This makes them part of all that ever was and ever will be. They revere and celebrate the fact that the dawn of today is essentially the same as
the dawn of the Universe.


Winanga-li reflects on these beliefs.
It is a spiritual wisdom, that if the world sat up and listened to, would bring about more peace and harmony for humankind as a whole and a breath of relief to Mother Earth which sustains them.

The dawning of a new, yet ancient, consciousness.
A consciousness that integrally lives in us all.