Process of creation


Whilst Mark was busy in Australia writing short pieces rich with simple melody lines and memorable chords, Hardy and Sara got together in Europe to discuss the story board and the symbolism they wanted to shine out in the music. It was decided that there would be three movements… A movement for each Nature, People and Gods. (The dedication to Sara which grew into a fourth movement came later!). Hours were spent deep in conversation as Sara relayed to Hardy what each of these topics meant to her in connection with Australia. Seeing as Hardy has never been to Australia, he had to drawn on his imagination and the stories told to him in these sessions, to write Winanga-li.

Once the material arrived from Mark, Hardy chose which of the pieces offered he would draw parts from and where they belonged in the new symphonic sketch.

In total, nine pieces from Mark are incorporated into Winanga-li. They are, BEST FRIEND, FLOOD, A MEMORY, SARA’s SOUL SONG, ULURU, ANNA’s AMAZING ARIA, DIDGERIDON’T, RAINBOW DANCE and HEAT.


Here are a few examples of the parts from Marks work that Hardy drew from in his writing of Winanga-li...






On the 15th of June 2004, at 4:30am, just as Hardy put down the last pen mark to the score, with a ruler setting down the closing bar, his role in the proccess coming to a close, the rainstick, resting in the corner of the room, started to tinkle. Winanga-li begins with the rainstick and to illustrate the cycle of life, also ends with the rainstick. Rather symbolic that it should choose this moment to become active and let itself be heard. A piece touched by the spirits!