The Symphonic Band of the Musical Association
"Stanislao Silesu" in Samassi

The Musical Association ‘Stanislao (Lao) Silesu’ in Samassi (CA) Sardinia - Italy is a non profit institution founded on volunteer activity. Its Symphonic Band takes part in international concerts and contests. It is made up of young professionals and amateurs who live all over Sardinia, as well as of a large group of musicians who live in other Italian regions and abroad.

The musical proposal of the band favours the original contemporary repertoire and avant-garde music, usually as the first performances in Italy: its instrumentation is completely professional and avails itself of prestigious composers, directors and soloists.

The band has been invited to perform on important stages such as the ‘Teatro Comunale’ and the Roman Amphitheatre in Cagliari, the ‘Verdi’ Theatre in Sassari, the ‘Palau de la musica’ in Valencia (Spain), the ‘Palamostre’ Theatre in Udine, the ‘Palazzina Liberty’ in Milan, the ‘Municipal Casino’ of Sanremo and the ‘Municipal Casino’ of Arco.

The Lao Silesu has taken part in five of the World Music Contests (WMC) held every four years in Kerkrade (Nederlands). In 2001 they performed in the Concert Division, the highest category in the contest, playing a piece composed especially for them by Hardy Mertens. They won a first prize with distinction. Under the baton of Maestro Francesco Pittau the band climbed rapidly to the honorable position amongst the best bands. In 1989 they received the first absolute prize in the third division, in 1993 the first prize in the second division and in 1997 the first prize cum laude in the first division.
On the 30th of July they performed Winanga-li at the 2005 WMC. If ever there was a band that could bring Winanga-li alive with their passion, courage, imagination and skill, the Lao Silesu could.