Sara Smerdon.


'Contemplation is the way to knowledge; we contemplate the inert in order to oblige it to speak, to make it deliver up to us its ultimate truth.
The sacred, in the context of modern thought, is that which, to be formulated, requires a language whose secret our civilization has lost. This language can be mastered only by submitting our normal speech to distortion; it is the tongue of the hallucinated, of poetry, of metaphysical discourse.'
Bridging the gap
Catching a glimpse
For Kathy
Honouring Madonna's child
Listen to our hearts
Markings in time
Nectar of thought
Not yet full moon
Past the fear
Petrified roots-Versteende wortels
Slipping behind
The message
The Breath of Life
The switch
The wind forlorn
Wind and Tree
I believe: An essay