The art of

Sara Smerdon


For me, art and life influences the other completely. They are symbiotically entwined as I make my way through this lifetime.
The more I develop my way of seeing, the strength of my personal reflections, the ability to express these in any form, and the imagination and inspiration to deepen and broaden both the skills and feelings for my creativity, the richer life becomes.
So too with the challenge of life unfolding, the compassion and depth within my art increases.
The philosophy driving my passion to create is a clear result of my beliefs in life.
By looking deeper within myself I am able to develop a lasting connection with an essential peace. Creativity aids this process. By allowing from this pure silence my own wisdom to arise, I have found ways to grow beyond the chaos we are all vulnerable to in society.

I have the optimistic belief that when we are all capable of achieving a calm and pure state of being, many of the problems we in fact create ourselves, on a personal and global level, may be worked through positively. There are some logical solutions to our recent world dilemas that are lost by the distracting clouds of a complex and capitalistic system. By looking closer at our own truths rather than outward toward a system we allow to direct us, then I believe we have a better chance of realising a harmony for this lifetime.

Think of this world as a personality... It has some amazing attributes!, but still there are plenty of shameful examples of this character causing pain toward itself and wasting valuable energy. Teenagers tend to do that when they have a low self esteem or want to defy responsibility and purposefully show disrespect. Eventually they realize that they are only hurting themselves and tend to wake up and grow up.
I do believe that humanity is awakening from its era of superficial pursuits, and trying to gain a better balance with the universal kingdom. This, I think, will come when we concentrate clearer on rediscovering the basic, yet magical, essence of our being. What is our pure reason for living?
By dismantling the fear, pain, confusion, disillusionment, escapism, and disorientation masking the psyche of our modern society, by allowing space for a brighter truth to surface and spread, much of the complexities we waste too much energy on may fall away and a deeper, clearer, and more rewarding existence can have the potential to develop.
Through my art I allow myself a great opportunity to address these issues and my own sense of worth and in doing so feel that I am living in a way that harnesses my reason for living.

What I encourage my work to offer is a breath of fresh air and a sense of peace, within which elements of our purity may arise!

We all leave marks upon each other.
The profession of an artist is, intensively, mark making. Placing marks to make a mark!
A serious artist understands this clearly, and takes the responsibility for their influences.

The truth is we are all capable artists. As well, we all have the responsibility to provide some positive influence in each lifetime.

There are many challenges on this path, but by grasping at life’s full potential, we can make the most of our time here, and leave peacefully, knowing that we have left a good mark, that we have done our best.
My attempt is to encourage this simple kind of purity in our outlook, which then leads to our actions.

Sara Smerdon.




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